It’s a Win-Win (Part II) – Blueberry Drop Biscuit Cobbler

One thing I failed to mention in Part I of It’s a Win-Win, is that I really wasn’t a blueberry fan prior to finding Temecula Berry Company. I always adored  McCloskey’s book, Blueberries for Sal – a family favorite in our house, but the fruit itself didn’t hold much appeal for me. I would eat them occasionally in fruit salads and when they were served by others, but I never bought them.  To me they were generally tasteless.  Well let me tell you, eating directly off the bush is a whole different experience.  They are just so flavorful – almost like a completely different fruit to me.

So if you haven’t ever gone blueberry picking, I really recommend it.  Here’s a handy little site that can help you locate places to pick berries as well as various other fruits and veggies –

Our No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake wiped out about half of our take in the picking.  That doesn’t account for all of the random munching – of which there was A LOT.  So with the other half we just had to go for a classic cobbler.

We did one with a drop biscuit crust and so started off by whisking together some flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.  Then we mixed in butter with our fingers until little lumps formed. Finally, we mixed in sour cream being super careful not to over mix.


We sat the dough aside and got to work on the filling.  Super simple, really.  We just mixed the berries with sugar, a little flour, some lemon zest, and a bit lemon juice.


Once the filling was mixed, we spread it into the bottom of our dish, and then dropped the biscuit topping, by quarter-sized pieces, all over the top.  Nothing fancy at all.


Doesn’t it kind of look like cauliflower?

The whole thing baked for about 50 minutes, until it was golden brown on top, and then we let it cool for about an hour.  Of course, we had to eat it a la mode.  I mean it would have been a total cobbler travesty to have eaten it any other way.


And that, dear friends, completely finished off the fruits of our picking.

Here’s the recipe for Blueberry Drop Biscuit Cobbler if you want to give it a go.

Recipe adapted from Epicurious