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Kind of like that itch that won’t go away no matter what you do, this blog has been brewing for a while now. I’ve tried to ignore it, but the itching just won’t stop. So, I guess this is my official introduction- the point in time where I concede, take my sock off and scratch the itch. It’s been a progressive journey to get here. We used to eat like “normal” people. Then hubby decided red meat wasn’t his thing. No problem, we dialed things back to pork, fish, and chicken. Ever so slowly, he started boycotting chicken and the pig. Ok, that was a little tougher. It took me about 5 months to wrap my little culinary head around exactly what one might put on the table it not a hunk o’ meat accompanied by a starch and a veggie. Finally I made the break through and had a ball going all out veg. We were still eating the usual snacks, pre-prepared entrees from time to time, and other “stuff”. Then I happened upon Jen Hatmaker’s book Seven. The whole food chapter upped the ante a notch, and that book, of course, led me to Michale Pollan’s book, Food Rules (among other things). So here we are. We’re just a regular old family, but for about 3 months now, we’ve been eating in a really different way. If you know Pollan let’s just say we have given up “edible food like substances” in favor of FOOD. I find the challenge fun and like to observe my family’s reaction to this new and evolving approach to nourishment. So join me as I share the REAL FOOD ON OUR TABLE every night.

And in case you’re wondering just who gathers around this table of which I write, here’s a little roll call.


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  1. So excited to join you ‘Big One’!! I have heard so much of your fun family from Lindi and I’m excited to follow you on this food adventure!!! We recently transplanted back to MN and when we are settled again I hope to get back into our own house I can jump on this food train!!

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