Summer Simplicity – Buffalo Salmon Sliders

So often, less is really more.  Overused, of course, but oh so true.

As we come into our 3rd week of summer vacation, I have had to stop and remind myself of “less”.  We have done two weeks of biology camp, had numerous play and pool dates, have gone to the beach, etc.  These were all enjoyable and enriching things. No doubt.  But when I look closely at my small troop, it’s pretty undeniable that just hanging out around the house (doing less)  can get some pretty big grins, let loose some pretty awesome imaginations, and can lead to amazingly incredible problem solving (result in more).

This premise is most definitely the case in cooking.  I have always made the distinction between cooking and assembling.  But every once in a while I stumble onto a recipe for assembling something that is just a killer taste combination.  That was exactly the deal with these Buffalo Salmon Sliders.  Love, love love buffalo sauce – salmon is our protein of choice – and blue cheese?  Well, there are very few things, in my opinion, that aren’t made better with blue cheese.  So let the assembly begin.

Just took the salmon and cut into small pieces the size of my slider buns.


Poured some buffalo sauce over the salmon.  This jarred brand, Ashanti, is pretty decent – 7 ingredients and the only GMO offender is Xanthan Gum, but hey, it’s summer and I’m relaxing and contemplating simplicity.  If you don’t want to go the jarred route, here’s a great recipe for homemade.


I sliced up some avocado and tore up some lettuce leaves for serving.  And of course, crumbled up some blue cheese.


I tossed the buffalo coated salmon onto the grill, and cooked for about 5 minutes total.    Onto the slider buns went the salmon, the lettuce, avocado, blue cheese and a drizzle more buffalo sauce.  I served these up with some grated carrots, raisins and vinaigrette and some braised brussels sprouts.


So simple.  So good.  So summer!

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