Celebrating 20 – Fig & Prosciutto Salad

The Big One turned 20 this past week and we celebrated on Friday.  She invited the boyfriend and the best friend to join in the festivities.  We decided to do dinner at home and, don’t faint , she chose SALMON.  If you don’t know the story behind the salmon, you can get up to speed on my post A Conversion Experience.  She left the cake choice up to me, and I decided to add in a little first course that I had been dying to try (more on that in a bit).

Big One and I decided on a Super Hero theme together, and we also thought it would be fun to do a video scavenger hunt.  Then she was kicked out of the planning process because we all know there’s nothing sweeter in life than a good dose of surprise.

The sisters got to work on costumes for the event.  I decided that we could kill many super hero stones with the purchase of one 5-pack of Justice League boys’ undies. We ended up with a Super Man, a Green Lantern, and a Flash.  The Wee One even got her own Super Man outfit.


One morning over breakfast, we brainstormed the list of items for the video scavenger hunt.  The sisters could barely contain themselves.  Secret keeping from the Big One turned out to be so tough.  Here’s what the final list looked like:

  • Ice cream cone unicorn – order a McDonald’s ice cream cone and then promptly stick it to your forehead
  • Get a policeman to handcuff you
  • Get 3 strangers to Sing & dance to the YMCA with you  in front of Ralph’s
  • Hug 3 strangers in line at the Habit
  • Hang upside down on the monkey bars and sing the National Anthem
  • Go to the fire station, get a fireman, show him STOP, DROP , and ROLL   Bonus: Get him to do it with you! (25)
  • Go through the Wendy’ s Drive Thru in a shopping cart and buy a Frosty
  • Dress up in the bunny costume, go to Ralphs, and buy carrots
  • Try to buy a pack of gum at the gas station and pay with Euros
  • Lie down and pretend to sleep at the entrance of a public area for 3 minutes
  • Ask for food from someone’ s plate at a restaurant
  • Go to the Tae Kwon Do studio and start following the class

Last up  in the party preparations were decorations.  The sisters had fun with super hero drawings, signs, and various other decorative doo-dads.


When the evening of the party finally arrived, dinner was devoured in what seemed like seconds.  I would like to think it was that the food was fab, but the real reason was more likely that everyone couldn’t wait for the main event of the evening -the video scavenger hunt – to begin.  We broke into 2 teams of 3 and off they went.  In an hour, they were back. We plugged the cameras into the TV and watched  some hysterical footage and  listened to stories that I’m sure will become family lore.  The best one being that the Hubs got the chief of the fire station to announce over the PA a call to all men on duty to report to the front of the firehouse, up went the huge roll up door to the station, and then as 7 fireman looked on, the Hubs and his fireman companion proceeded to Stop, Drop & Roll in style!

We feasted on birthday cake.  The kids all loved it, but I can’t say it’s one I would make again. A S’More Cheesecake. I’ll opt for real s’mores around a camp fire any day.


Big One’s boyfriend is editing up all of the video footage.  Maybe sometime soon, I’ll be able to post a link to our evening of craziness.  Until then, I’ll have to just share with you my secret foodie highpoint of the event.  Remember . . . that little first course I mentioned earlier?  Meet Fig & Prosciutto Salad. Let’s just say I made it again today I am so in love with it.  It screams summer, is super simple, and beautiful to boot.

The dressing consists of just olive oil, honey, and a little lemon juice (I used lime juice since I didn’t have a lemon on hand.  Toss it all in a jar and shake well.

Quarter you figs without cutting all the way through and place them on your platter.  Tear pieces of prosciutto and scatter around the figs.  Then add in some fresh basil leaves.

Drizzle the dressing over and serve.  I guarantee you’ll hesitate before digging in. It’s so simply beautiful that it demands admiration before consumption.



So Happy Birthday to the Big One!  I loved every moment of the celebration and my new personal summer hero is the fig one.

Here’s the full Fig & Prosciutto Salad Recipe which I adapted from Simple Provisions.

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