Dinner for Friends – Parmesan Honey Chicken

You’ve volunteered to take dinner to a friend, and now what?  If you’re like me, this is a common occurrence. Maybe you’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Well, in my opinion, food should really be added as the long overlooked 6th love language.  I really enjoy blessing other people with food.  But like everyone, I’m busy and sometimes when the day arrives and I get that little reminder e-mail that says, “New baby parents are excited about the dinner you will be bringing them TOMORROW NIGHT”, I flinch, panic, and think, “What am I going to take?”

Over time I have developed somewhat of a go-to meal for taking to other people.  I like it because it is simple, pretty general tasting (not spicy, no “weird” ingredients, etc.), and it transports well.  The meal consists of:

  • Crock Pot Parmesan Honey Chicken
  • Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Potato Mix
  • Sautéed Peas with Shallots and Lemon
  • Homemade Steakhouse Wheat Bread
  • Dessert

I first discovered this chicken recipe at a crock pot party. Is that a fabulous party idea, or what? My girlfriend invited a bunch of us over and we all brought a favorite crock pot dish and the recipe to share.  The recipe was originally for a pork roast, but I adapted it to chicken . . . that was back when we were still eating chicken.

I also take paper plates and plastic cutlery when I’m gifting a family with a meal.  If you are getting out of cooking, isn’t it an extra bonus to not have to do dishes as well?

Here was last night’s delivery.  It also included a half gallon of ice cream (Denali Extreme Moosetracks, our family favorite) which the receiving 4 year old of the family seemed pretty excited about.

For the Parmesan Honey Chicken Recipe, click here.

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