Cauliflower Hash with Poached Eggs

Amazing, but true, this has become kind of a “go to” for us.  The kids love it, especially dipping pieces of a crusty baguette into the poached eggs.  The veggies are plentiful, and the chopping can be a tad of a pain, but I usually get one or two small people to sous-chef for me.  They hate when I call them Sue when that’s their job.

So we start with the beautiful cauliflower.

We start by sautéing a little onion and celery and then we add the cauliflower.  Adding a bit of water and covering assures that the cauliflower gets soft, but not too mushy. We also throw in some spices around this time.

After the cauliflower starts to soften it’s time for some red potatoes (wouldn’t be hash without those, now would it?)

And then we finish it off with some baby spinach leaves, just until they are wilted, of course. Once that whole conglomeration is basically done, we poach the eggs and then I plate everything.  Plating, you say? With this one, yes.  I plate and my sous chefs pass them out.  I actually love serving dinner this way because it cuts down on serving dishes which means fewer things to rinse and load in the dishwasher.

This recipe adapted from

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